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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Presents for Nick

 How does it works?
Santa lifted his eyes from the letter and asked, "How are we off for jam?"
"Nineteen," was Uncle Sergey's reply.
-"only nineteen!"
-"Well, Seshe is very popular with children at present."
-,"Like Pokémon," said Santa pointing at a cuddly plush Pokémon.
Uncle Sergey nodded, "Yeah, Santa factory has made about 19,000 Pokémon so far."

"Great," Santa said as his eyes shifted from the plush pocket monster onto his desk where a jar of blue jam was standing among letters. Santa picked it up and smiled at its label. It said, "Space ShakePlus Jam comes in four colors and tastes. It's magic for you."
Santa shook the jar well and waited for the jam to change color. Thirty seconds later, the blue color faded into red, then red faded into yellow and delighted Santa. At last yellow faded into green. Santa rolled his eyes and said, "What a weird product! How did Rocky make it? He's really smart! Mino and Mahta need 200 jams?"

Uncle Sergey giggled, "Mino, two hundred jams! I bet she wants to start a business."

"I think so. Well, you say we have 19 jams left, so Santa Claus will send five Seshe to Little Parmis. It is a surprise for her. Maybe the present will make her happier. That poor child has to stay in bed until she will get better."

Sergey agreed, "Great idea! How about Mino?"
Santa chuckled, "Santa wants to forward four Seshe's for Mino and Mahta, and one for Armis."

Santa placed the jam back onto the desk, then picked up the next letter. A letter from Armis. It said:
"Hi Santa,
My name is Armis and I've been a good girl this year. I love stuffed animals and all Pokémon characters. So, I want for Christmas: A Mew, Mewtwo, Magnemits, and a Wigglylff. Plus a Google chrome cast. I also need a new pixel, a beautiful pink dress.
I hope you enjoy eating this strawberry cake. It's really delicious.
Love, Armis"

The sender of the next letter was Tina. It said:
"Dear Santa,
My name is Tina. I'm ten. I've been such a good girl that you can't believe. I don't believe in Santa, but I need a new iPhone, Rose gold is my favorite color.
Santa, you know, I've put 100 videos about "Pokémon go" on YouTube. I'm not crazy about Pokémon, but now the growing trend is to play Pokémon Go, so I want one of them. I think Metapod is good.
I'll leave you a big sandwich. Sorry, we never bake Christmas cookies.
Love, Tina"

Martin wanted some books, a cool laptop and a Rubik's cube game. To surprise Santa, Kiarash needed about $50,000 to grow his own business. His letter said:
Daddy and all my uncles are qualified electricians. I learned from them how to hang Christmas lights. Then I started my own business and decorated homes for Christmas and earned some money. Now I'm waiting here for Christmas gifts. If you don't have $50,000, I will pleased with $40,000."

There were no letters left. Santa glanced at his watch, he had still some time. Santa asked Sergey, "I'll just make two jam sandwiches."
 A grin spread across Sergey's face, "Great!"
So Santa gave the jar of jam a good shake, as its color turned red. Santa got the lid off the jar, then with a spoon put some strawberry jam on the toast.
Google's Colors
What exactly is "Space ShakePlus jam"? I believe you will taste it in the near future. That is mysterious jam made of space flowers and fruits. Last summer, when Uncle Sergey returned to Earth, his shuttle was filled with space flowers and fruits. Rocky appreciated the fruits and made kind of mixed fruit jam of the fruits. He noticed something incredible about the space jam. Its taste and color wasn't fixed, it changed, like autumn leaves, traffic lights, and like the changing seasons, it changed. Normally the special jam was blue, and tasted rather like blueberry.
By shaking the jar its color changed from blue to red, yellow and green. And its shape and taste changed from blueberry to strawberry, apple, and green cherry. Rocky was pleased with his four-colored jam, he named his special jam "Space ShakePlus". Because of beauty and unique taste, Space ShakePlus won the children's hearts. They named it "Seshe".

Little Julia ran into the room and asked, "Santa, are you ready?"
"My sleigh is ready?" said Santa as he got up from his chair. Julia walked toward the large present standing on the floor. Santa shouted, "Hey, hands off! That's fragile." then picked it up. It was a special present for Nick.
Santa got on his vehicle, took a deep breath and laughed, "Ho ho ho!" his sleigh took off and flew into pitch-black night.
Where's Santa?
Nick, a five-year-old boy from South Africa, had always longed for a white Christmas. As the first snow of winter arrived his wish came true. It was Christmas Eve. Nick immediately wore his winter clothes, came up to Mrs. Assistant and asked if they could go outside to build a snowman.
Without answering the question, she asked, "Where is Santa, Nick?"
The child seemed puzzled for a second or two, then he replied, "On the way to our house."
A sweet smile emerged on her face, "Excellent! So, sweet dreams!"
_,"But Auntie, I like to go outside and build a snowman."
_,"The snow won't escape, Nick! There is lots of snow on the ground, I'm in no mood to go out. I want to watch TV now. Well, Christmas morning after gifts opening, we can go sledding. Okay?"
_,"No, Snowman is better. Let's make one, Auntie."
_, "No. Look, it's dark and cold now, we must be mad to go out in such bad weather. Why don't you sleep? I thought you were waiting for your gifts. The twins are also sleeping. The sooner you sleep, Christmas comes faster."
Nick's eyes got bright and shining. She brought a winning smile to her face and asked again, "Where's Santa, Nick?"
"On the way here. Night, Auntie," Nick responded as he raced up the stairs.

The Bedtime Story
Nick entered his room. He removed his winter clothes. It was still snowing outside. Nick let out a small sigh and got into bed. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep. But he could not. Nick thought to himself, "Now I wish a bedtime story! Mommy, Daddy, where are you? I miss you. I miss Granny, too… who tells me a story? If I were home, Granny would read me a bedtime story," he sighed and remembered their lovely house in Hopetown, he remembered his friends. "What are they doing now?" Nick felt so lonely, he felt chilly…chill? Nick recalled it was snowy, and Santa was coming, now he glowed with happiness. Nick switched on the bedside lamp.

Sitting in bed, he cuddled his best friend Leo, a stuffed lion, and told him, "As Santa brings my Pixel, I'll make a video of my snowy Christmas. Then I'll put it on YouTube so that my friends and Granny watch it."
It was not odd that Nick was crazy about the snowy Christmas vacation, December was in the summer in his hometown. It was just a month ago when Nick came to U.S. with his parents. As they traveled into space as space tourists, Nick was Google's visitor.

He was a smart, sweet boy so everyone liked him. As Mr. Assistant heard about his dream, he promised Nick a trip to New York. So last week, he sent the family to Uncle Bryan's house in New York. Though, he liked to be with Nick and enjoyed a wintry day, he had to stay at Mountain View to manage the company in Larry's absence.

The sound of the television didn't come from the downstairs anymore. Likely Mrs. Assistant was sleeping. Nick asked Leo, "Can't you sleep like me? Shall I read you a story?"

Nick picked up his favorite book, a red hard cover book with more than a century old. This ancient book, which filled with beautiful stories, was a gift from granny. She believed it wasn't an ordinary book, because it had a few blank pages. Grandma always said, "These pages aren't really blank, the book has a missing story that appears in a special white Christmas Eve." Nick opened the book at page 5, a blank page. ." Nick thought, "Oh that might be tonight." The thought brought a small smile to his lip.
Nick got out of bed, dressed quickly in his winter clothes, left his room with Leo and his unique book.

It stopped snowing just as Nick went downstairs. Nick got depressed. He sat by the fireplace staring at the Christmas tree. In the warm light of the fire, the tree seemed prettier. Nick wondered, "The tree will be much prettier as Santa comes. Wow! As he drops off my telescope, I can look at stars."
Nick was about to fall sleep in front of the warm fire when he heard the sound of coming a sleigh. He thought, "Here's Santa!" He looked around and remembered something important, "Oh, treat!" It was all fault Mrs. Assistant that Nick had forgotten to leave a treat for Santa. Nick raced to the kitchen to bring a plate of pancakes with a cup of coffee for Santa. Besides some red apples for his reindeer.
You're Amazing, Santa!
Santa was putting the presents under the tree as Nick came back with Santa's favorite treat. Santa was so surprised to see Nick over there. He asked, "Nick?"
"Hi, Santa… Oh, my telescope!" Nick said running towards the big present.
The little boy put the plate and cup on the coffee table, sat on the floor gazing at the gift, he asked, "Is it an actual telescope?"
--,"Sure! What are you doing here?"   
_, "I was waiting for you. Can we take a selfie together?"
_, "Yes," was Santa's reply. Nick started to open his gifts, while Santa was straightening his red suit and hat. Santa asked, "Are you ready?"
"Yep," Nick replied as he gleefully showed Santa his new Pixel. They stood beside each other and Nick snapped a few photos. Then Santa had a sip of coffee.
"Do you like your treat?" asked Nick, excited.
 Santa replied grinning, "That's my favorite treat."
Nick chuckled, "Well, I knew. I asked your assistant."
Santa felt a twinge of guilt about cancelling his assistant's plan. He said, "Sorry, he's not here just for me."
Nick nodded, "Yes, I know. Santa, you're awesome, you're wonderful! I knew you can do wonderful things, you drew an ice cream on the desert by your self-driving cars. I watched the video, it was really good. Can you make me a snowman?"

Santa rolled his eyes upwards, "A snowman? Not now, maybe later. I'm free tomorrow, but now I have to drop off the presents of the rest of children."
Nick forced a smile, "Hmm, Santa. Thanks for all gifts and selfie."
 Santa felt his face reddening with embarrassment, "I'm really sorry, Nick, but I must leave now. Bye, Nick."

Nick was on the verge of tears as he waved Santa goodbye. His sorrowful eyes melted Santa's heart, he glanced at his watch and said, "Hey, I think I have some time to make you a snowman. Well, I'm not much of an athlete, but I'm good at volleyball and making a snowman. You wrapped up warmly, so let's go."

Santa Selfie
They ran out into the snow. The backyard was well lit by the garden lights, covered in white blanket of snow. Santa began to roll a snowball along the ground. As fast as he could, Santa made two other snowballs, a little bit bigger than the first.
Then, under the tall pine tree, he placed all snowballs on the top of each other. Now they had a pretty snowman. Santa stood back to look at his work, "Isn't beautiful?" he asked Nick
Nick stood beside the snowman and shook his head sadly, "Isn't it too small? I'm taller than it."
 Santa got red. Without saying anything, he started to build another snowman. This time a big snowman. As it was ready, Santa looked at Nick. The little boy had a satisfied smile on his face. Santa took four colored button out of his pocket and stuck to the snowman's face for eyes, nose, and mouth.
Nick shouted happily, "Santa, you're amazing! Let's take a selfie with our snowmen."
Santa agreed. They both stood next to the snowmen and snapped selfie. At that time, it started snowing. Nick immediately opened his wonderful book at page 5, the blank Page. Santa walked away and said, "Goodbye, Nick."
Nick shouted excitedly, "Hold on! it is magic for me! It's not blank any more as grandma said."
Santa had a puzzled look, "What are you saying?"
Nick said, "It's wonderful, Santa. Here's a story on page 5, it was blank before falling the snow."

 Santa's workshop
Santa's team were in the workshop as the sleigh skidded to a halt. Santa had returned sooner than expected. Santa helpers ran outside. To surprise them, the sleigh wasn't empty of gifts. Half of the presents were not delivered yet, and unfortunately there was no sign of Santa.
Santa's team asked, astonished, "What's happened? Where is Santa?"
Uncle Eric sighed, "What a disaster!"
Uncle Sergey remarked, "Uncle Bryan's house was the last location he visited."
Gloria said, "So, I'll call Mrs. Assistant."

After getting the call from Santa's workshop, Mrs. Assistant went and checked Nick's room. He wasn't over there. Mrs. Assistant rushed downstairs, calling, "Nick, Nick, where are you?" She noticed the door to the backyard standing ajar. So she walked into the yard. It was snowing heavily. It was not surprising that no footprints left in the snow. There, under that tall pine tree, she could see two snowmen shining in the light of the garden lights, but not Nick nor Santa. Nick's new telescope was watching snowflakes drifting down from the sky.

He Can Play Guitar
Gloria nervously hung up the phone, then looked at them with startled eyes and said, "She says they've vanished."
Aunt Sami screamed, "What? They're missing? You must be joking!"
Robert looked shocked, "Oh, I don't get it!"
Aunt Lily smiled, "They might leave for somewhere."
 "You say, Larry left us with delivering the presents? No, he's not such a man! Larry is really reliable, he's responsible for his duty," was Aunt Sami's respond.

 Uncle Eric glanced at his watch and said, "It's getting late. One of us has to take presents to the children."
"Sergey," Aunt Lily recommended.
Everyone stared at Uncle Sergey. Gloria grinned with joyfulness.

Aunt Sami objected, "I'm totally disagree with you. It's wrong. He's Jewish."
Aunt Lily pressed her lips together and glared at her silently.
_"Plus he can't play guitar like Larry," Aunt Sami added.

Aunt Lily couldn't stop laughing, "Don't be so Unkind, Jesus is Love! Sergey doesn't want to perform a religious ceremony, he only wants to deliver Xmas presents, and makes children happier. I think you've forgotten St Nick's story. He put bags of gold in hanging stocking to help that poor family. Like St Nicholas, Sergey's intent is to help children. Yes, Sergey's fit to become Santa, it's a tradition in his family to help people."

Uncle Eric turned to Sergey, "So, you're Santa now."
Uncle Sergey's brows drew together. He said, "Oh, come on__ you know I have to find them. We're responsible for looking after Nick. His parents trusted us."

Uncle Eric said, "Don't worry, I'll find them."
So it was decided that Uncle Sergey became Santa Claus to deliver Christmas gifts. He changed into Santa's red clothes, then rode away on his sleigh.

Where are Santa and
Nick now? Do you know? Maybe they have traveled to the island to visit Parmis. Maybe they have traveled to Japan to catch a rare Pokémon. We don't know. All we know that is something magical happened.

  Best Wishes

Happy Birthday Google

Friday, October 6, 2017

رونمایی از پیکسل دو

 پارمیس جان سلام،
دلم بدجوری برایت تنگ شده، اما وقت نوشتن نامه بلند را ندارم. پس کوتاهترین نامه عمرم را برایت می‌نویسم. رویدادهای مهم این هفته: معرفی سرمربی جدید استقلال (پس از استعفای غیرمنتظره علیرضا منصوریان، سرانجام این هفته وینفرد شفر آلمانی به عنوان سرمربی جدید استقلال معرفی شدند. امیدوارم موفق باشند)، رونمایی از پیکسل دو (چهار اکتبر گوگل از پیکسل دو رونمایی کرد، قرار است این گوشی نوزده اکتبر به بازار عرضه شود. عاشق این جمله‌ام: Made by Google), تیم فوتبال ایران در یک بازی دوستانه دو بر صفر توگو را شکست داد و آخرین خبر بارش اولین باران پاییزی بود. همه‌اش همین بود.
  تا بعد

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

حسین مردی که وارث عظمت ومروت پدری مانند علی است

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گروهی، خدا را به خاطر نعمت ستایش می‌کنند
و گروهی دیگر به خاطر ترس، ولی
آزادمردان خدا را به خاطر عظمت و شکوهش ستایش می‌کنند.

                                          امام حسین علیه‌السلام


حسین، مردی که وارث بی‌کرانگی نبوت محمدی است

گروهی، خدا را به خاطر نعمت ستایش می‌کنند
و گروهی دیگر به خاطر ترس، ولی
آزادمردان خدا را به خاطر عظمت و شکوهش ستایش می‌کنند.

                                          امام حسین علیه‌السلام

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Have you ever had SeShe jam?

At Larry's Office

It was seven hours after Parmis got sick. The trip to Aloha State was canceled, so Uncle Larry felt so lonesome. He sat at his desk, downloading "Santa Tracker" app as his assistant entered and asked gleefully, "Where is Santa?"

Uncle Larry replied absently, "At Google."
Mr. Assistant grinned, "No, at his workshop. Nick loves this app. Every morning, afternoon and evening he asks me, "Where's Santa?"
"Our little visitor."
"Oh yes, I was forgetting you had a guest. How is he doing?"

"He's okay. Last Sunday, his parents went to the Moon for Christmas. We're also traveling to New York Friday morning."
"What do you mean by you're traveling?"

"So, I've promised a trip to Nick."
"But I'm leaving tonight. Google plane is ready, didn't you know that?"
"No. I thought Parmis was sick with scarlet fever."

"I'm not going to Aloha, I'm going to the North Pole. I feel lonely here."
Mr. Assistant sighed deeply, "Oh no. I hate to let Nick down."
"Sorry. I think Nick will be glad to visit Santa's village. I can pick him up on my way to the airport."

"I don't really think that's a good idea. Nick can't wait to visit New York. Well, maybe my wife can take him there, so I can stay here."
"I don't know what I would do without you," said Uncle Larry gladly.

The North Pole Airport

A frosty December night. Google plane landed at sleepy Santa Airport. Wow, Santa's Back!
Santa's team, Uncle Sergey, Gloria, Rocky and little Julia, came running to meet him. Then Santa got into a self-driving car and rode sleepily to his workshop.

She Loves Jam

The snow was falling silently in the village, reindeer enjoyed roaming freely in the pine tree forests, Santa started to reply to the letters from the children around the world while his team was busy preparing Christmas presents.

Pile of letters showed all the children had been good that year, as usual. Santa's team had to be up all nights. They needed help. No more worry… Santa's helpers, Parmis's aunts and uncles, arrived.

At last the big night came. As the team was loading the sleigh with gifts, Santa was still busy with the letters. Sometimes he got up and looked out of the window to see if his sleigh was ready, then he had a cup of coffee and replied to the rest of letters.

As the moon came up, Uncle Larry was dreaming about Aloha. Uncle Sergey placed a pile of letters on his desk and asked, "You're sleeping?"
Uncle Larry suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Aloha."
Uncle Sergey laughed, "Aloha, Larry. Were you dreaming?" then pointed at the new pile, "From islanders."
"Oh, thank you," said Santa, his eyes shining. He looked at the letters. The first came from Parmis. His eyes filled with tears. The letter said:

"Hi Santa,

How are you? I'm Parmis, one has a high fever and is covered in spots. One loves technology, travel and football.

These days, she wonders when she will shake off this disease, so she can travel to Hawaii. I can't wait to see there.

I'm waiting here for you, but I'm really worried about your health…so if you didn't catch a scarlet fever, Please, Please, Please, don't come here. Because I got it.

By the way, if you come bring me a new Pixel with a Google home and some story books and a football.

I also for my tree house need a set of inflatable LED cube chairs­_ it comes in four colors: blue, green, yellow & red_ need for all colors. Make sure you bring me a lovely "Mewtwo" with a self-driving car.

           Love, Parmis

I left you a bowl of cherry compote as a treat. All I have is that. I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy!"

Uncle Larry giggled, "A self-driving car?"

Mino had sent Santa two letters. The first said:
"Hi Santa,

How's life treating you? I'm Mino, and I've been a good girl this year. I'm sorry about what I did in the past_ Mommy made me add that.

But What I want for Christmas is a Google Wi-Fi. We don't have a Wi-Fi, because I traded it for twenty jars of "Seshe" jam. These Jellies are really delicious!

I also need a new Pixel with a Mew. That's all.

 Love, Mino

I know all grateful children leave you some cookies as treats. I also tried to do the same. I went and stood in the yard staring at the sky for about an hour, but nothing fell. Can you believe? We don't have the snow here. Well, I wanted to leave you "Barf-O-Shire". Sorry but I couldn't make it without the snow. I offer to sell all your treats, what do you think of?"

Please come before seven. Mahta, my sis, wakes up at seven."

The second Letter from Mino said:

"Hi Santa,

It's Mino again. I'm writing this letter from my sister, Mahta. She is sleeping now. She can write beautiful letters, but she's a little shy.

She is crazy about SeShe jam, but she is shy to ask one hundred jars of Seshe jam. Please, bring her them all. She also needs a new Pixel, a Google TV and a Mewtwo.

Love, I guess I shouldn't sign this letter.

Mahta is such a nice girl that she left you some cookies. Help Yourself!"   

    Best Wishes

Monday, September 18, 2017

من می‌توانم از داستان اپل حرف بزنم، اما داستان شما جالب‌تر است

سیم آی‌پاد او همیشه گره خورده بود. تلفن‌همراهش را هرگز به موقع پیدا نمی‌کرد. اسکات همیشه وسایل زیادی همراه خود داشت. پس از خودش پرسید:«چه می‌شود اگر این مسئله را حل کنم؟»

احساس عجز را به طلای ناب تبدیل کنید

گرایش به بهتر ساختن زندگی همواره مضمون دائمی تاریخ بشر بوده است و بنیانی‌ترین عامل شتاب‌دهنده برای عمل. این هسته‌ی اصلی انگیزه‌های انسانی است. بدون این گرایش در جهت رشد، نه اتومبیلی وجود خواهد داشت، نه هواپیمایی و نه رایانه‌ای.

هیچ‌کس فقط با خوب زندگی‌کردن نمی‌تواند دلارهای میلیونی بسازد. افراد باهوش، آگاه و خلاق جای پای محکمی را پیدا می‌کنند که بتوانند مسئله‌ی آزاردهنده‌ای را حل کنند. اگر شما بتوانید تله‌موش بهتری بسازید، دنیا راهی به در خانه‌ی شما خواهد یافت. مهم این است که شما این فرصت را شناسایی کنید. فکرهای میلیون دلاری در همه جا هستند و انتظار کسی را می‌کشند که به سراغشان برود.

پیام من این است که لازم نیست فکری کاملاً نوظهور یا پیچیده داشته باشید که ابداع تلقی شود. شما نباید به فکرهایی چون «این خیلی ساده است» و یا «این خیلی آسان است» اجازه دهید تا شما را از دنبال کردن فکری که به آن ایمان دارید، باز‌دارند. در بیشتر موردها، زمانی که فکر یا محصولی بسیار ساده یا آسان است و کسی آن را ارائه نکرده، شما با ایده‌ای یک میلیون دلاری روبه‌رو شده‌اید.

او دریافت اختراعش به مردم کمک می‌کند

اسکات جردن وکیل فرسوده‌ای بود که از کارش راضی نبود. البته او فکر بزرگی نداشت؛ اما روزی فکری ناگهانی ظاهر شد و او را تکان داد. اسکات عاشق لوازم مدرن بود، اما این لوازم دیوانه‌اش می‌کردند. سیم آیپاد او همیشه گره خورده بود. تلفن همراهش را هرگز به موقع پیدا نمی‌کرد. اسکات همیشه وسایل زیادی همراه خود داشت. پس از خودش پرسید: «چه می‌شود اگر این مسئله را حل کنم؟»

در سال ۲۰۰۱، اسکات کار خود را در یک شرکت معتبر حقوقی رها کرد و با استفاده از پس‌اندازش فکر خود را اجرایی کرد.

محصول تازه‌ی وی، جلیقه‌ای بود با بیست و دو جیب مخفی که می‌توانست همه‌ی وسایل مورد نیاز دنیای امروز را حمل کند. اسکات هیچ تجربه‌ای در این زمینه نداشت. پس تیمی از طراحان را استخدام کرد تا کمکش کنند. اسکات دلش نمی‌خواست محصول جدیدش زشت و بی‌قواره به نظر برسد. او در جست‌وجوی طراحی ظریفی بود که مورد پسند افراد مختلف، از سرمایه‌گذار تا دانشجو، قرار بگیرد.

نتیجه کار «اسکات وست» است، جلیقه‌ای بسیار شیک و ظریف. وقتی از بیست‌ و دو جیب مخفی آن وسایلش را خالی کرد، همه شگفت‌زده شدیم. عجب اختراعی!
 در معرفی یک محصول جدید، هیچ‌چیز همچون نمایش بصری نمی‌تواند مؤثر واقع شود.
اسکات با پوشیدن محصول خود در برنامه «فکر بزرگ» پاداش خود را گرفت و «استیو ووزنیاک» یکی از بنیانگذاران شرکت اپل به آن توجه کرد. او ایمیلی برای اسکات فرستاد و با کلمات تشویق‌آمیزی از او حمایت کرد:

«من می‌توانم از داستان شرکت اپل حرف بزنم، اما داستان شما برای آن گروه از سرمایه‌گذاران نوپا که آن‌جا هستند، بسیار جالب‌تر است. به هر کجا که می‌روم، با ده‌ها و صدها چهره‌ی گرسنه روبه‌رو می‌شوم که مایل هستند قصه‌ی شما را بشنوند.
من محصول اسکات را دوست دارم، اما هنوز به اندازه‌ی کافی از آن استفاده نمی‌کنم. من آن‌قدر پر مشغله‌ام که فرصت آویختن لباس‌هایم را در کمد ندارم و آن‌ها را روی زمین می‌ریزم. اما پسرم سال‌هاست که جلیقه‌ی شما را می‌پوشد و به هر کجا که می‌رود، وسایل لازمش را در اختیار دارد. من یکی از طرفداران پر و پا‌ قرص شما هستم و از آشنایی با شما بسیار خوشحالم.
                                            با بهترین آرزوها، ووز»
محصولتان را بپوشید، دنبالتان می‌آیند!

        کتاب فکر بزرگ نوشته دانی دویچ
   Scott Jordan, SCOOTVEST, Steve Wozniak, Apple

Sunday, September 10, 2017

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