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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018

Theme Park ride

 Parmis read the email several times, but she still didn't know what to do. So she asked Home, “OK Google, what should I do now? 
Home replied, “You should watch that video.
Parmis looked at her phone, and noticed that Santa had sent her a video. Parmis watched it:
Santa grinned, “Hi again.
Parmis stared at Mom, “Uncle Sergey! He's Santa Claus this year? where is Uncle Larry?
Mom smiled, “In New York, I think.
“I wish I were him,” Parmis sighed as she replayed the video:
Santa grinned, “Hi again. You're probably standing in front of the eagle Christmas tree right now. I'm sure that you didn't know you have eleven Christmas trees at home, did you? Now take a look at your phone, on the left side you see eleven balls. You must use them to catch all eleven tree-toppers.  The golden rule in this game is to  answer the question, then throw the ball. Don't be afraid, it's exciting like a theme park ride, and here are hints to help you respond the questions. Be brave, Home is with you. Good luck!”
Parmis still looked puzzled. She told Mom, “He didn't talk about autographs.”
 Mom grinned, “Never mind, what's the first question?”
Parmis looked at her phone and read the question,
 “The second best Asian goalkeeper of the 20th century?”
Parmis replied confidently, “Nasser Hejazi. I know him, he was Esteghlal goalkeeper, nicknamed Asian Eagle. ”

Best Wishes

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Famous Visitors


As the child looked down, she froze. Of course, there were some Christmas presents under the tree, but nothing from Santa Claus; the logo of the Santa workshop wasn't on them.
Parmis exploded. She folded her arms, shook her head sadly, “Oh no, I don't have the mood.”

Mommy seemed confused, she didn't say anything.
Parmis yelped, I'm tired of your silly pranks. Where are my presents, Mommy?”

Mother shrugged, I'm really sorry, but I don't know.”
Parmis thought, Maybe Santa was afraid of getting scarlet fever. So he hadn't come.”
she sighed and turned her eyes to the fireplace. At that time, the carol played again. Parmis shouted excitedly, "Oh, the music is coming from the Christmas stocking." Now she could see the wire that led to the plug.

She took a step forward and searched the stocking and found a Google home. Her eyes shone with excitement, "Santa, you're awesome!"
At that time Aunt Kate jumped out of the behind the sofa with a pixel in her hands and said happily, “Merry Christmas Parmis. It's your pixel. I set up Google home for you. Now you can talk to it.”

Parmis asked, “How it works?”
Aunt Kate replied, "Only talk to it."
Parmis looked excited, Now she had a pixel and a google home, but where were the rest of her presents?
She asked Google home, “Okay Google, where are my Christmas presents”
Google home replied, “They're not in Gmail.”

Parmis rolled her eyes, “Gmail?” then her eyes glinted, she checked out her Gmail. "Oh, Santa sent me an email," she shouted gleefully. The email said, "Thanks, Parmis. It was Yummy! I know you love party, as well as you love football. Good news, You had many famous visitors. Follow the autographs to find your presents. Take it easy."

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