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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Magic of thinking big-2

Dear Parmis
Hi! (This is the next section)
This book is one of the best books that I have ever read. The author believes the big thinking is secret success. Although all words of the book are great, but I chose these points.

v Withdraw from your the mental bank only great thoughts.
v Raise the price of everything; others; yourself.
v Write down your ideas, plant them, water them and at the end sell off them (use them).
v Believe you can do everything.
v Make an advertisement for yourself.
v Be an active person; make more passion with more learning.
v Appreciate others and to produce more services.
v Like everybody and take the lead for friendship.
v Don’t wait the situation would be better, act Now, the magic word for success is now, tomorrow= never.(this is especial for me)
v Have goals and at first you must determine your aim then begin.
v Use the Next Kilometer (gradually give up your bad habit)
v It is the best investment on yourself (develop your knowledge, read good books and subscribe to useful magazines)
v Please! Read this book because I’m certain I couldn’t explain it very well.
Best wishes

The magic of thinking big -1

Dear Parmis

How are you today? I’m fine. It’s a good day and the sun is shining in the blue sky. Yesterday, all day long it was raining and I was thinking about my life and my mistakes, then I decided again.
I decided that I will be faithful my goals and when I encounter a block only I change my way. (It’s difficult, but it’s possible). Now, I’m trying to do more kindness toward my family, more learning, aware of new ideas and find new friends. I’m going to attempt for achieving my ends. (Please pray for me)

Of course! I’m a little confused. Here everything is strange. I’m feeling that I’m in Wonderful land. Sometimes ago I have seen Sami’s work –book; then I was surprised. It’s made of paper like newspaper. The prices arise more and more every day. I think soon I’ll be change a  ! Sign .when I’m writing on the paper; I’m ashamed of it. I’m glad that pages of my computer aren’t made of paper.
Well, I would rather don’t speak about it, it’s better. I’m going to think very big, and then I’ll be hope that our government finds some solution for these difficulties.
I’m writing about this book in the next part.
With love

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Small Island of Books

Dear Parmis
I’m very pleased that I’m writing to you this letter. I’ll tell you a little about what I do, because I try to learn English and I must try to improve my reading and writing.
Today I got up at 3 AM, because a friend informed us my brother was in the hospital. At first, I was very sad, and then I decided to create this blog to forget it.
This month was a terrible month for me. Firstly I had a sweet dream but secondly I missed it. I was very disappointed and very sad and angry; I felt to come to an end of the world.
After a long time, I found some books and I began to read them. I found my Island, my broken boat come to a land and I saved.
I discovered many things about myself, I found out I must be stronger and …..
I decided to change my mental attitude; I hope to change my life because I want to make a happiness life. I want to use the book to achieve this goal.
Last night I read “the magic of thinking big” (written by Dr. David Joseph Schwartz) when I end it I write to you again. I write soon!

Best wishes

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