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Friday, December 28, 2012

101 ways to transform your life

·   Draw your inner energy from the beauty that surrounds you.
When you do so, this energy reception will become a source of strength and sustenance in your life.

·   The more you believe in your chosen goal and the possibility of attaining it, the more certain you will be to do so.

·   Try not to compare   your self to ot6hers as a measurement of your performance or success.

·   Release everything that you have been told is impossible or unrealistic, and allow yourself the freedom to make your own contract with God. Examine all of the doubts you have about miracles and miracle workers, and replace the doubt with openness.

·   When you find that you have accomplished a goal, even a small one, be sure to acknowledge yourself for that. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy at least a moment of satisfaction about it.

·   Adhere to the most important guideline ever passed on to us from the spiritual world:” Love thy neighbor as thyself”. Make this a daily affirmation.

·   Learn to allow others to work out their difficulties without feeling that you are the only one who can fix things. Your ego is pushing you to intervene, while your high erself wants you to experience peace and harmony.

·   Relax about the future, and let it go. Instead, make a commitment to enjoy this day a little more. It is very difficult to accomplish anything when you are stressed over the outcome. When you relax and get peaceful, you become inspired and efficient.

·   Look into a mirror and say out loud:” I love you, I value you, and I know that there is much more to you than what I see staring back at me.”

·   Avoid dictating to those who are smaller, younger, or less educated. None of us is “better” than anyone else. We’re just different.

·   Remember that your past must have taught you the wrong message if these messages do not bring you peace and happiness. Do not be afraid to let go of those beliefs if they do not promote a sense of peace for yourself.

·   Free yourself fro addictions-that is; Addiction to substances such as alcohol, drugs, sugar, and caffeine; or approval. All of this is just your ego at work, when you know that you have the presence of God within you, you will no longer be addicted to externals.

·   You are an eternal spirit.

A snow day

Dear Parmis

Now, it’s Christmas. I always like Christmas. When I was a child, I have mistaken about Santa Claus. I have taught that he is a really man and it was one of my dreams that I would be a Christian person because I wanted to received many present of Santa Claus ,then I have realized that he isn’t a really man, therefore I liked my religion.

Many times, it is snowing in the Christmas, and I have wonderful memories of my snow days, such as making snowman, snowball… but I have a bad-good memory of snow.

Many years ago, it was snowing very hard in Tehran. It was a cold and dark night. We (I and my friends) wanted to take a taxi, but there was no taxi; therefore we decided to take a walk to home. We were walking and talking. In our way was a stream. We were always crossing on it easily; therefore I placed my right leg on other side of canal. Suddenly my left leg slipped on the snow and I dropped into the water, then I got up and I come out from there. I look at myself and told my friends and my sister “Where is my purse?” It was dropped into the water, and the water carried it.
I was a sadly person because all of my wage was in it. I was running along canal and my sister was following me. I told her:” I lose my money because my manager is angry with Me.” and she told me:”It’s not true.” sometimes we stood and we were looking for it into the water. The water was very cold such as ice, but we didn’t find it. Then we reached end of the canal, it was only my hope, because in here, stream was changed its path. I inter my hands inside the water and I was searching for my money. I was a lucky person. Finally I found it.
My purse was trapped through wastes .for the first we were thankful to some people for wastes. They were saved my money.

We came back to home. One of my friends told me:” Are you okay?” I remembered that I fell down and my body has pain, but I have forgotten it. In our home we dried my money and tomorrow we told my story to our manager and we laughed it.
Now I am afraid of snow day and slipping; but I still like snow, snowball and snowman.

My dear, I want for you and everyone peace, love and happiness, therefore I write some beautiful sentences of “101 ways to transform your life.” by “Dr.Wayne w.Dyer

Best wishes


Thursday, December 20, 2012

About Love

About Love

We do not need thoroughfares
When love seeks the heart
Such is the way of love—
Always destined, never sought
We do not need gold coins
When love comes without cost
Such is the value of love—
Always priceless, never bought
We do not need a wise man
When love speaks through art
Such is the beauty of love—
Always instilled, never taught
And we do not need a ruse
When love surrenders to us all
Such is the enigma of love—
Always mysterious, never caught

Jason Sturner
10 Love Poems 

Separation day and seclusion night now end;
Take this augury: success on you luck’ll depend.
The pride and self-conceit displayed by Fall,
With the approach of Spring, will end all.
By the lucky star of flower’s crown,
Fall winds and annoying thorns were put down.
Twilight of hope twinkles from mystery-curtain;
Dark night disappeared and victory is certain.
Worries of Winter Nights and my heart’s grief,
Ended all since her curls brought me relief.
Since time breaches covenant, I can’t believe
That good luck of my friend my sorrowe’ll relieve.
Saki! On you delightful cup we depend.
Our worries and hangovers your grace’ll end.
Though no one for Hafiz Consideration had,
Thank God! Transient are both the good and bad.

10 Love Poems

پارمیس جان

سلام، امروز آخرین روز پائیز است و امشب شب یلدا است. پس به احترام همه ی ایرانیان در سراسر جهان و به احترام کوروش بزرگ و همه ی نیکانمان و البته حافظ عزیز این نامه را به زبان خودم  زبان قشنگ فارسی می نویسم

همان طور که می دانی امشب طولانی ترین شب سال است و شبی است که ما ایرانیان آن را جشن می گیریم . در این شب بیشتر مردم به خانه ی بزرگترین فرد فامیل می روند و البته بعضی هم مثل ما در خانه می مانند و با اعضای خانواده شادی می کنند.بسیاری از مردم در این شب تا پاسی از شب بیدار می مانند و تمام شب را به گفتن حکایت ها ی شیرین و جالب ، رد و بدل کردن پیامک ها ی با مزه ، خواندن اشعار و تعریف کردن جوک و.. می گذرانندو سعی می کنند تا جایی که می شود خوش بگذرانند
در دوران مدرسه همیشه روز بعد از شب یلدا عده ای از بچه ها بیمار می شدند، چون در این شب تا جایی که می توانیم میوه و آجیل می خوریم ._ هر چند پر خوری کار خوبی نیست ، اما یک شب است دیگر- خوراکی های شب چله  میوه و آجیل است . میوه ی مخصوص این شب هندوانه و انار است .به شرط آنکه هندوانه گیرتان بیاید- البته معمولاً همه جا پیدا می شود اما با قیمت شب یلدا یعنی گزاف- ما معمولاً در این شب میوه هایی مثل پرتقال ، نارنگی ، سیب و گاهی خرمالو+ انار و همچنین آجیل مخصوص این شب را می خوریم. این آجیل هم حکایت جالبی دارد که الان فرصت تعریف کردنش را ندارم، اگر خدا خواست سال دیگر برایت تعریف می کنم.در پایان هم تفألی به دیوان خواجه شیراز می زنیم و خوب جناب حافظ هم کم لطفی نمی کند و همیشه یک فال خوب برایمان می آورد تا تمام زمستان ما با گفته های امید بخشش گرم و پر از شادی و خوشی گردد. از این رو تصمیم گرفتم که یک غزل قشنگش رادر اینجا برایت بیاورم +یک شعر قشنگ هم از کتاب 10 شعر عاشقانه

چرا دلم گرفته بود، زیاد مهم نیست اما می گویم، راستش چند روز قبل خبری در روزنامه خواندم که حالم را کاملاً گرفت، خبر درباره محدودیت خروج زنان از ایران بود .اول خیلی ناراحت شدم فکر می کردم که این قانون خیلی ناعادلانه است.در گذشته فکر می کردم هر چه زمان بگذرد قوانین بهتری برای زنان وضع می گردد، اما گویا بر عکس است ، هر سال قوانین جدیدتری برای محدودیت زنان وضع می گردد ، احساس می کنم که حتی خدا هم از اینکه ما اینهمه مورد کم لطفی قرار می گیریم دلش می گیرد، این موضوعی بود که من در موردش ناراحت بودم ، چرا عده ای از مردها فکر می کنند که حق دارند که برای ما تصمیم بگیرند و ما واقعاً در چه سنی می توانیم برای خودمان تصمیم بگیریم وصلاح خودمان را تشخیص دهیم این موضوعی بود که من در سکوت به آن می اندیشیدم
من به این نتیجه رسیدم که در جامعه ی ما ، تکلیف مان به طور کاملاً شفافی مشخص نشده است.از طرفی می گویند که دختران خیلی زود بالغ و عاقل می شوند-وقتی قرار است ازدواج کنی ، هر چه زودتر ازدواج کنی بهتر است، چون شما به سن بلوغ رسیده اید و درک تان کامل است- در این موارد ما کاملاً عاقل و بالغ هستیم.
از طرف دیگر در بقیه موارد مشخص نیست ما در چه سنی عاقل می شویم ، شاید هیچ وقت. در این موارد این بزرگتر ها و قیم های ما هستند که برای ما تصمیم می گیرند مثلاً پدر ، شوهر، پدر بزرگ و....البته این بزرگتر ها حتماً باید مرد هم باشند ، آنها برای ما تصمیم می گیرند چون در هر حال خودمان که نمی توانیم خوب و بد را از هم تشخیص دهیم ، پس آنها به ما کمک می کنند تا خدای نکرده گمراه نشویم و کسی هم ما را اغفال نکند. به هر حال ما به کسی نیاز داریم تا حق ما را بگیرد و از آن جایی که احتمالاً همه ی مرد ها « زامبی» هستند( با عرض پوزش از آقایان محترم) بنابراین همدیگر را بهتر می شناسند، از این رو باید یکی از آن ها ، یکی دیگر را برای ما بر گزیند تا خدای نکرده ما بدبخت نشویم .البته من با اینکه والدین در انتخاب همسر فرزندشان نظرشان را بگویند مشکلی ندارم کاملاً هم خوب است ولی این که یک نفر حق انتخاب نداشته باشد این یک مسأله دیگر است.

دارم کم کم به این نتیجه می رسم که حرف معلممان که می گفت: «زن ها نصف حساب می شوند » درست است .من آن موقع کاملاً مخالف این حرف بودم ، اما در جامعه می بینم که حق با ایشان است.
پارمیس عزیزم ! اما تو نگران نباش . در اینجا و در همه جا ی دنیا مردانی هستند که همیشه ازحقوق زنان دفاع کرده اند و همواره حامی و پشتیبان آنها بوده اند. آنها می دانند که نیمی از یک جامعه را زنان تشکیل می دهند و اگر زنان راضی و خوشحال باشند ، هم نسل بعدی نسل خوب وشاداب تری است و هم موجب رشد و تعالی جامعه می شود

به هر حال عزیزم در این دنیای مردانه چه بسیار زنانی هستند که شجاعانه و با شکیبایی و به تنهایی زندگی خود و فرزندانشان را اداره می کنند، درست مثل مادر عزیزم، گر چه من و مادرم نگرش متفاوتی به زندگی داریم اما من همواره او را می ستایم ، چرا که در دنیایی که بزرگ کردن یک بچه آنهم با داشتن پدر کار چندان آسانی نیست.مادرم  وقتی که من در نوجوانی پدرم را از دست دادم ، هشت بچه را به تنهایی و بدون کمک هیچ کس بزرگ کرد و تمام تلاشش را صرف این کرد که ما انسانهای خوبی باشیم .من به مادرم و همه ی زنانی که در سراسر جهان به تنهایی کودکانشان را بزرگ می کنند و آنها را به ثمر می رسانند ، افتخار می کنم و برای آنها در این روز خوب صلح ، شادی ، آرامش ، سلامتی ، امنیت ، ثروت و هر آنچه که واقعاً آرزویش را دارند، از خدا می خواهم و البته برای همه مردان هم همین طور.زیرا که زن و مرد با هم دنیا را می سازند، امیدوارم روزیی در دنیای متعادلتری زندگی نماییم.

دیگر اینکه امیدوارم هیچ وقت گذارت به هیچ اداره ای الخصوص -دولتی- نیفتد و اگر از اقبال بد آنجا رفتی ، امیدوارم مثل من در هنگام خروج نگویی ازشون متنفرم، بلکه خوش شانس باشی و بتوانی بگویی عاشقشونم

خوب،عزیزم نامه خیلی طولانی شد به همین دلیل است که من فارسی نمی نویسم ،چون وقتی که شروع به نوشتن می کنم ، همین طور جمله برای نوشتن پیدا می شود، بهتر آن است که انگلیسی بنویسم درست است که کلی اشتباه دارم اما در عوض کوتاه است و تو خسته نمی شوی.


          تا هفته بعد خدا نگهدار                                                                                                                        


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Grow Rich with peace of Mind-2

Dear Parmis


Well, I finished the book today; I say again, this is a great book. Every time I read the book I learn a new thing. I realized that everyone, however poor he/she may be, it has some thing for giving. Some people can teach their knowledge, some people can hear and talk to depressed people, and a good many people can dedicated your wealth. Summary everybody in the world is wealthy and we have many things for offer, only we should think about it. “The wealth is increased offer”

-Please, become like yourself, you shouldn’t miss your identity; also give up your fears. They are the largest enemy, and faith, faith do many miracles for you.

Your mind can join others mind, then you can share our thoughts. I already have read this idea in (“De Bono’s thinking course” by “Edward Debono”).He has suggested that we make a thinking group it is very interesting, but find other people is a bit hard .

In the end you can earn everything with an eager mind.

Eagerness + centralization= success

Remember it “When your mind believe thing, you can earn it”.

My dear, you don’t read this book because of, you are wealthy. Your wealth is your beautiful smile that it always makes me happy, but I should read it many times…

When I read the book, I remembered a story it was a bout a boy and an apple tree, they were good friends, gradually the boy was growing, every time he wanted much money ,the kind tree dedicated him what it had.

The nature is always giver and kind, and I should learn to dedicate like it.

I wish that I don’t get like next story; it is about a wealthy man.

One afternoon, a wealthy lawyer was riding in the back of his limousine when he saw two men eating grass by the roadside. He ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate.

"Why are you eating grass?” he asked one man.

"We don't have any money for food.” the poor man replied. "

"Oh, come along with me then."

"But sir, I have a wife with two children!"

"Bring them along! And you, come with us too!” he said to the other man.

"But sir, I have a wife with six children!" the second man answered.

"Bring them as well!"
          They all climbed into the car, which was not easy task, poor fellows say, "Sir, you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us with you." The lawyer replied "No problem, the grass at my home is about two feet tall."

                    Best wishes

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good wealth-1

Dear Parmis

    Last week I wrote to you about Internet marketing and then I face up to the problem, some of people think that wealth isn't good and many wealthy men (women) got money by fraud.

    At first I was very sad then I thought about it. Is wealth good or bad? All of a sudden I remembered "Les Miserables" by "Victor Hugo". "Jean Val Zhan" was a good man but he was obliged to steal one loaf bread because of he (his family) was hungry.

   Although my purpose of life isn't wealth, but in my opinion riches is good, because of, when you have much money you aren't worried by the high price of any things, your mind aren't involved in your misery-it is free and calm-you can help others and can buy many things therefore others are share with your money and they make a profit of your wealth.

  Of course I know only cash don't make us happiness and I should make money with honesty, therefore I read any books until learn new methods then act them.

  If you are going to become a dishonest, you need no book, if you look at well, you find many ways for scam-special-if you live in Iran, because of, since I have be child until now, I hear about scam on TV everyday. If you are about to become a dishonest, here is the best place-although many people are honest-and then what do you with your moral sense?

 Well, riches are good but with peace of mind. This week I write about this book: "Grow Rich with peace of mind" by" Napoleon Hill". In my opinion you should read it several times. It is a great deal of book.

  The author believes money can brings much good news for your life and you can't receive them without money, but you can't buy any thing with only cash such as peace of mind. When you start to travel growing wealth, you shouldn’t give up your freedom and your peace of mind.

 The world always changes but there's always need, therefore new works are built, then we can make money, so we get richer and richer, if we control our mind....

                                      with Love

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