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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Brave Move

     Fountains of light
They entered a bare hallway; Not everyone welcomed, Not music played.  Mr. Assistant who was tired of Parmis's hollow promises shook his head sadly, a faint smile still was on Larry's face. Next, the red carpet was rolled out like magic right when Uncle Larry was beginning to despair. As they walked on the red carpet, the lights which were set in the floor turned on, sending fountains of light into the air.
The red carpet continued straight as an arrow to a double doors. They passed through the tunnel of lights proudly and stopped in front of the door. It was ajar and had a birthday cake sticker on.

Uncle Larry stood hesitantly, his hair was glinting in the light. All at once, a stuffed hedgehog rolled into the room, and then a balloon popped sounding like gunshot. Uncle Larry's heart was brimming over with delight, now he was certain about the party; his friends were waiting for him in the room.
Behind the door the atmosphere was glacial. Not everybody were there but seven stuffed hedgehogs. Mr. Assistant asked furiously,"Then where are they?" Uncle Larry shrugged, "I have no idea."

They stood by the door and looked around. There was an L-shaped room with large linoleum floor tiles. All the forty-five numbered tiles were yellowy brown except two tiles. They were green. Some homemade cupcakes were on the 43rd tile. There was also a golden cannon in the middle of room promising horror.

Uncle Larry could tell at a glance that they were in a dangerous situation. "She bakes the most delicious cupcakes, I've ever had." his assistant thought, staring at the cupcakes. He decided to go toward the cupcakes, but he stopped because of Larry's warning. "Stay over here! we're in a minefield."Uncle Larry warned.

Mr. Assistant laughed hollowly, "Landmine, You must be kidding!" Uncle Larry shook his head, "No, I didn't mean to startle you. However, if you took a look around, you notice the warning signs are everywhere: hedgehogs, yellow tiles and cannon!"

Mr. Assistant said, smirking, "Ho! ho! ho! fake bombs, I'm tired of Parmis's hollow threats. I gonna eat the cakes right now." He ignored the warning signs and dropped the Haft-seen basket on the second tile, before Uncle Larry could shout, "Don't touch the floor."

Uncle Larry shut his eyes tight. The basket fell on the second square, the yellowy brown tile turned green. Uncle Larry sighed with relief that the tile was safe. Mr. Assistant gave a sharp cry and  jumped back in shock, However, it wasn't all the surprise. 

The glittery sand flowed down from the sand-way, three tiles turned into fertile soil and three trees rose up vertically out of the ground. Each tree had a window with a cuckoo clock. The windows opened one after the other, cuckoos came out, spread their wings, and sounded cuckoo just one time.

“They planted a landmine over there.” Uncle Larry said, pointing at the tile among the trees.
Mr. Assistant’s eyebrows arched, “How do you know this?”
Uncle Larry explained, “This game is similar to  "Minesweeper", at attempt to get to the 45th cell, you have to determine the landmines, set the clocks for eight o'clock and place the Haft-seen collection on the 43rd cell.  Be careful,  the Green cells are safe, and the clocks are clue for determining mines."

 Mr. Assistant’s eyes sparkled with excitement, “I caught. So a landmine set in the 9th cell.”
Uncle Larry rolled up his sleeves, “That’s right! it is child’s play. But don't forget to guess and act very fast, soon the sand will be over."
"all right, I'm ready." Mr. Assistant said as he started to roll up his jeans to his knees. Uncle Larry couldn't help laughing. Mr. Assistant said, "Don't laugh, rolled-up jeans are in fashion."

Uncle Larry smiled, "Oh, I don't know. However, don't worry about your life. I play Minesweeper very well."
Mr. Assistant took Larry's presents out of the basket and said, "Great. I play chess very well."
Uncle Larry went to the trees and set them for the correct time. After that he calmly walked toward the 10th cell and stamped his feet to emerge next clues.

The 10th turned green and some trees appeared around. Uncle Larry learned the next landmine where was. Mr. Assistant kept his startled eyes fixed on him. Uncle kept on finding the bombs as he moved forward inch by inch. The sand was falling swiftly, and clocks were ticking away.
It was a long way from the first tile to the last tile on the left. Uncle Larry found five bombs which were hidden at this area. When he arrived at 25th tile he waved his hand at his assistant.

"I guess it's my turn to sweep the mines." Mr. Assistant said. Uncle Larry nodded, "There are only two bombs left. Please help me."
"I'd be pleased to help you if I can" Mr. Assistant said as he took a hesitate step to the next cell. As he found the sixth landmine, Uncle Larry shouted, "Excellent, set the clock and keep on moving."

A Brave Move
 After Mr. Assistant determined  7th landmine, he stood on the 43rd cell, next to the 45th tile. The endless ticking of clocks, flying the grains of sand everywhere, fast beating of the hearts. He was only a step away the last cell, and the last grain of sand was falling. "No, you can't drop--I'm not ready yet." Mr. Assistant shouted as he sidled the Haft-seen basket to the 45th tile, then crammed his mouth with cupcake.
The cuckoo clocks started to whirr before striking eight. The last grain of sand fell on the floor, the golden cannon fired a blossom ball into the air at the arrival of new year. The drums were beating in distance. Uncle Larry hugged his assistant and said, “Eide shoma mobarak.” The war was all over, Mr. Assistant let out a relief sigh; the spring was there.
They stood there, watching the garden. All the trees came into bloom, and the birds filled their branches happily. All the bombs exploded and seven springs welled up through the ground, babbling brooks ran across the former minefield. Mr. Assistant shut his eyes tight, splashed the fresh water on his face, then danced about like a child. The room smelled of Spring.

Some minutes after , an elegant kamancheh with a bow hovered above the 43rd square. Then, a circular column of blue light emanated from the sand-way. Uncle Larry immediately grabbed the musical instrument, leaped in the tractor-beam, and blinked at his friend, "Let's go to the second floor with flying carpet!" Mr. Assistant's eyes rounded in horror, "OMG, aliens!"

Uncle Larry began to play the kamancheh while his assistant joined him. Just as the charming music hung in the air,  they floated upward like smoke which rises through the chimney.

Uncle Larry kept on playing the kamancheh until the tractor-beam left them on the second floor and became invisible. They were in a silent place with no lights on. Mr. Assistant sighed deeply, "That little girl's gonna give me a heart attack tonight." Uncle Larry thought what's the next?


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Emerald castle

 💕💕Happy Birthday Leila💕💕

      Alien Spacecraft hung overhead!

After 180 minutes, the search bloomed; the lost castle loomed large before the explorers, welcoming them with open arms. Of course, it looked more like a massive Alien Spacecraft than a castle.

The full moon hovered overhead and gave a green glow to the UFO that resembled the shape of a sun hat. The gold brim of the enormous hat was made of a shiny metal and studded with the glaring white lights, while the crown made of green glass shone like emerald. The faint blue aureole orbiting around the craft was really amazing! However, its tractor beam looked a little frightening.

Abduction Phenomenon

Fright? This was exactly what Mr. Assistant felt as he found himself in the front of the alien craft. Though he was delighted the hazardous trip was over, the thought of may be beam up by aliens threw him into a slight horror. As Uncle Larry saw distrust in his friend's eyes, he smiled at him, "Don't worry. Google maps says we arrived at the "ParSino" airport, and the craft says Sergey has returned home." He glanced at his watch and noticed the watch hands running again. "Thank God my watch's working. I felt fully lost without my watch. It's five to eight." Uncle Larry said, pointing at his watch.  

Mr. Assistant smiled ruefully, "Airport or castle or spacecraft? Parmis must be crazy."
Uncle Larry nodded absently, his attention observed by magnificent view. 

It is awesome.When they built the airfield? It is said that Rome was not built in a day, but Parmis proved herself to be a speedy architect by designing her glorious airfield in a week, Uncle Larry thought.

He felt his heart beating faster, tears brimmed in his eyes, last time he met Sergey was in August, he could hardly waiting, so he took a big step forward, but what happened to the craft made him stop.

Like moon which changes shape, the castle form changed. It transshaped into an enormous hourglass. Quick as a flash, two marble towers appeared on both sides of the fancy building to show it as a real, strange castle. "Oh Lord!" Mr. Assistant cried, his mouth dropping open in surprise. Uncle Larry said nothing; he only stood there, marveling at the illuminated castle.

The lonely lighthouse perched on top of a rocky islet, looking like an eagle’s nest on the peak. Compare with Glass Tower it was not very tall, but much more mysterious.
Sand-way, the six-foot cylinder linked two round sections of the hourglass, glimmered golden in the moonlight. The glittery sand in a jam was waiting for crossing the cylinder, like people trapped in a glass-walled elevator, so as to remind Uncle Larry of the still time. Uncle Larry checked his watch, it had stopped at eight.

The silence broke as the foamy waves lapped against the rocks. Uncle Larry turned his attention to the lake, stared at the spot where the bridge was before, and his eyes filled with tears. Mr. Assistant said ruefully, “Don’t let Parmis make you cry, Larry. There’s no bridge, but we can swim to the opposite side of the lake."

Uncle Larry smiled, “No, I’m not worried about the bridge. The airport, clock, lake and glass took me back two years," he let out a long sigh and continued, "Yes, As if Parmis's turned the clock back two years, I imagine standing on the deck of Google barge and my friends are waiting for celebrating my birthday. Do you remember my 41st birthday?”
“Obviously, I cry every time I watch your birthday's video." Mr. Assistant replied.


Uncle Larry sighed dreamily, “Me too. Grown-ups can’t put the clock back or stop it but with kids. The time fades with them, though all the moments turn golden.”
Mr. Assistant nodded his head, “OMG! you're a poet. I wish I were you, Parmis is very friendly.”

At that point, an arrow quickly whizzed past his head. Mr. Assistant muttered, “Oh no, I’m very lucky not to have a niece like Parmis.”
Uncle Larry admitted with a short laugh, “Yes, sometimes she gets on my nerves. Let’s go, our friends are waiting.”

They rushed to the marbled steps led to the green door which a keypad set in it. Uncle Larry glanced at the bunch of the blue hyacinth and their lime green ribbon, now the number on the ribbon seemed fully meaningful. Uncle Larry tapped the digital codes into the machine. As the door opened, Uncle Larry asked, “Would you like to come to my birthday party?”

A grin spread across his Assistant’s face, “Of course.”
Then they proudly went into the mysterious castle.

Best Wishes

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

و من همچنان اوج می‌گیرم

امروز بهترین روز دنیاست، روز کتاب، کتابخوانی و کتابدارست

در سال ۱۹۵۲، کوهنوردی تلاش کرد به اورست، بلندترین قله‌ی جهان صعود کند. ولی پس از پیمودن هشت‌ هزار و هشتصد متر، از ادامه‌ی کار دست کشید.

یک هفته بعد، از آنجا که تا به آن زمان کسی به آن ارتفاع صعود نکرده بود، در بریتانیا، برای آن کوهنورد تسهیلاتی قائل شدند. آن‌گاه زمانی که از او برای سخنرانی دعوت کردند، سالن مملو از تماشاگر شد.

ولی او بی‌آنکه به جایی نگاه کند قدم به صحنه گذاشت، مشتش را گره کرد و در حالی که به عکس اورست اشاره می‌کرد فریاد زد و گفت:«کوه اورست، بار نخست تو مرا شکست دادی، ولی بار دیگر من تو را شکست خواهم داد چون تو هرچه می‌توانستی رشد کردی... ولی من همچنان بزرگ می‌شوم!»

تنها یک سال بعد، در بیست و نه مه سال ۱۹۵۳، ادموند هیلاری به قله‌ی اورست صعود کرد و نخستین کسی بود که چنین ارتفاعی را پیمود. 

هیچ‌گاه، هیچ‌وقت، هرگز تسلیم نشوید.
نویسنده: ری آریا
مترجم: کیانا اورنگ 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

یک دختر با سکوتی بزرگ

سوژه داغ روزهای بارانیمی شه بیام زیر چترتون ، بله بله البته

پارمیس جان سلام، 
چطوری؟ امیدوارم که خوب و خوش و سلامت باشی. من هم خوبم و امیدوارم نامه‌ی کوتاهی برایت بنویسم، نه مثل پیتزای هشت قسمتی که پیک موتوری آن را خورد، یک نامه‌ی کوتاه درست مثل نامه‌ی چهار سال قبل. بنابراین یک‌راست می‌روم سر اصل مطلب و مرور اخبار مهم این هفته:

 پدر آسمانی
 این هفته را با قلبی آکنده از غم و چشمانی تر شروع کردم.
یک هفته گذشت، جمعه‌ی پیش منصورخان پورحیدری مربی اسبق تیم استقلال درگذشت. این بدترین خبری است که در چند سال اخیر شنیده‌ام، گویی پدرم را از دست داده‌ام. چقدر با استقلال پورحیدری خاطره داشتم.  کاش این خبر دروغ باشد، کاش! 
خداحافظ رئیس‌جمهور باراک اوباما، خیرمقدم جناب ترامپ
فروردین، اردیبهشت، خرداد، تیر، مرداد، شهریور، مهر، آبان و بـــــــــــوم بالاخره تمام شد. بالاخره تــــــــــــمام شد. چقدر تحمل کردم، چقدر سکوت کردم، اما بالاخره تمام شد.
وقتی خبر رئیس‌جمهوری آقای ترامپ اعلام شد، رسانه‌ها گفتند شوکه شدیم، انتظارش را نداشتیم. شوکه؟ چرا خودمان را گول بزنیم، تو که مرا بهتر می‌شناسی، اهل فیلم‌بازی کردن و ریاکاری نیستم، اینجا همه می‌دانستند که ترامپ رئیس‌جمهور است. نه این خبر مرا شوکه نکرد واقعاً انتظارش را داشتم، اما ناراحت چرا، بله بهرحال ناراحت شدم که ممکن است تمام آنچه در این چهار سال رشته‌ایم یک دفعه پنبه شود. 
این روزها که رسانه‌ها از انگیزه‌ی مردم ایالات متحده از انتخاب آقای ترامپ زیاد حرف میزنند سکوت می‌کنم. من هم حرف‌های زیادی داشتم، اما حرف زدن الآن چه فایده‌ای دارد؟ من که قریب هشت ماه سکوت کردم، شاید بهتر باشد اکنون نیز حرفی نزم. اما بدان از همان فروردین امسال که قسمت دوم نامه‌ام، که چند بند درباره‌ی آمریکا داشت، ارسال نشد، فهمیدم باید روزه‌ی سکوت بگیرم و همین طور هم شد. بیشتر اوقات نمی‌توانستم به وبلاگم متصل شوم و وقت‌هایی هم که متصل می‌شدم، مثل یک ماه قبل که قسمت دوم پیتزا را نوشتم، متنم ارسال نمی‌شد، آن روز به قدری افسرده شدم که تصمیم گرفتم دیگر هرگز ننویسم، حیف که طاقت نیاوردم و نوشتم. وای، نامه‌ام دارد طولانی می‌شود، خوب برویم زیر چتر ترامپ شاید جزایری شدیم.
بیاید زیر چتر ترامپ
آقای باراک اوباما رئیس‌جمهور بسیار خوبی برای ایالات متحده بود، شاید الآن مردم آمریکا متوجه نباشند که آقای اوباما چقدر خوب بود، اما شک ندارم که نام ایشان در فهرست رئیس‌جمهورهای برتر ایالات متحده ثبت خواهد شد، تاریخ ثابت خواهد کرد. 
درباره‌ی آقای ترامپ نظر خاصی ندارم. لحظه‌ای که مطلع شدم آقای ترامپ کاندیدای جمهوری‌خواه‌ها شده است، گفتم او برگ‌برنده‌ی جمهوری‌خواه‌هاست، زیرا پیشینه‌ی اقتصادی خوبی داشت و در چشم رسانه‌ها و مردم آمریکا بود. آقای ترامپ هم دقیقاً از همین موضوع استفاده کرد و برنده شد.
درخواست اینجانب از رئیس‌جمهور آینده‌ی آمریکا این است که اولاً به وعده و وعیدهایی که به مردم آمریکا داده است، وفادار و پایبند باشد و آنها را ناامید نکند. و دوم درباره‌ی پرونده‌ی هسته‌ای مرد باشد، ما می‌گوییم مرد است و قولش. ایشان گفته‌اند با این توافق‌نامه موافق نیستند، انگار فراموش کرده‌اند تعهد دولت آمریکا به ایران تعهد شخص اوباما نیست که بشود نقضش کرد، اعتبار و شرافت دولت و ملت ایالات متحده است. 
بنابراین تامادامی که ایران به مفاد توافق‌نامه‌ی هسته‌ای متعهد است، چه خوب است که آقای ترامپ که اقتصاد‌دان بسیار خوبی‌ است تمام هم و غم خود را متمرکز کند بر اصطلاح اقتصاد آمریکا در وهله‌ی اول و شکوفایی اقتصاد جهانی در مرحله‌ی بعد.

همچون چهار سال پیش آرزویم صلح و دوستی برای ملت آمریکا، ایران و تمام مردم دنیاست.
 پایدار و برقرار باشید

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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